It took five minutes to write and three to sing

Armenia is first today, and as in the first go this is pretty much ready to go. My only concern about this is that Sevak might be looking and sounding a little too angry, and against a mostly dark backdrop its moodiness may be misinterpreted.

With just 20 minutes onstage per act this morning it’s a quick turnaround, so you’ll forgive me my own brevity. I also need to pop across to the arena before the Big 5 start this afternoon, as by all accounts it’s mighty impressive inside.

Monty x

Press conference

In his own words: "The song is not so much about wind specifically, it wasn’t even planned to write in a certain way. I wrote it in five minutes and it represents a specific time in my life" ... Sevak Khanagyan

Image Credits: Andres Putting, Josianne Zwart.


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