why PhilC comes to Eurovision, gets here and spends oodles of his own cash to sit in a press room.

Well, Belarus' 2018 entry has just justified every stress and every penny. This is a CAR CRASH. It literally has everything. Dancers, archery, arrows, stigmata, blood, a lift on the stage and a crumpled rubber under shirt- what on earth could you crave?

Oh yeah, a song would have been nice - but believe you me, no one across Europe will  notice its absence, because they will all be pissing themselves laughing when they see this ... ridiculousness.

It's busy as all hell and the dancer ... well, she literally has more than one string to her bow (see what I did there??).

They all seem to be 100% committed to the staging, which is admirable, but NOT when Europe will be wetting themselves.

Having said that, though ... it's funnier than the Israel effort, and that's saying something.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.


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