"I can't even bring myself to look at you ..."

... it's cold on the screen.

As a song, it is a really good one, performed flawlessly, just like on Tuesday. The harmonies are spot on and it certainly builds, but the camera work is messy (even the "Dallas" shot of the three men when they do the harmonies looks untidy), and overall the feeling over the three minutes is that it's a mix of half-finished ideas fused together until someone said: "This, let's take this.".

What will Europe's televoters see? They'll see a concept that they won't understand (or care about) and go: "Is that a good song". The shots being screened here don't grab me either, and that's something that a televised competition is all about. It's all shot darkly and looks very negative - and a little bit weird, with too many effects for its own good. The jurors will hear a good song, but there are considerably better ones.

Is this qualifying? - Yes, but not as high as they want.

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.