Eleni Foureira - hair because she's worth it

I went over to the arena to watch the first go of Cyprus. I’m a little underwhelmed, if I’m honest. We’re only allowed in at the back at the moment right behind the Green Room sofas, so we’re as far away as you can be from the stage, but it feels engulfed, smothered by the sheer size of what’s around it. It kind of blends in to the bridges, and the lighting makes it less distinctive than in recent years.

Eleni was supported by a troop of screaming Greek and Cypriot fans, yelling their adoration for her throughout the whole song. It’s good, and extremely well-performed. I still want a little more from the chorus though, but she does her very best to sell it to us.

Monty x

Press conference

In her own words: "I think all 43 countries can win this competition." Eleni Foureira

Image Credits: Andres Putting.