Just in case you have been off Planet Eurovision for the last couple of days, Hovig has released his song for Cyprus.


If you think that you have heard it before, you probably have. In all honesty, it's generic to hell, and doesn't really go anywhere ... apart from meandering to a climax.

It's diaspora-tastic, clearly, but it's also written for the juries. It ticks all the boxes: well-sung, well-performed, but does not introduce any new ideas, and it doesn't get me going. Whilst it could stand out from a field of female ballads, a male one that lacks oomph doesn't get my blood boiling either.

What say you?



  1. It is all the things you say, but there is Power there and it’s far better than the pretentious nonsense that won the televote last year. Of course Cyprus is not Russia so it’s likely to come 8th in it’s semi and 20th in the final.

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