Mikolas Josef
Mikolas Josef tackles his second rehearsal in Lisbon

Say what you like about Mikolas and the song, he's got balls and guts to even be on the stage at the moment. He's had, as if you didn't know, a problem with his back and is clearly struggling with movement, to such a degree that every movement that he makes is painful AS FUCK. He's trying to hide it, but you can see it all over his face.

Because of this, he has lost momentum and the song is now compromised from being a "fun" song with lots of energy to being a good song that looks a bit static. The choreography has had to be changed to remove anything that is going to injure him.

The question rather than "is this qualifying?" is - for me - "is Mikolas strong enough mentally and physically to overcome this and give this the performance it deserves?". I suspect not ... physically at least.

It was as good as it could be, but I feel for his pain.

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.