Suffice it to say that the whoopsies in the press room (as Monty describes h*mose*ualists) got a bit hot under the collar when Mikolas came on stage.

The general consensus being that we don't know if he is being a diva, and asking for the world on a stick  - can I perform my jump in a different way? - or hasn't heard the word 'no' for some time (matron).

His first run through seemed to, again, confound the gays in the room. Maybe he was more bothered about hitting the marks and not caring about the performance. Either way it's all very busy and CT have changed some things; they have removed sections of him singing to allow off-stage backing girls extenuate some of the phrases, but it just feels wrong. It's not at all the contender I thought - and even the inclusion of a front flip isn't helping. Do the trumpeters and a body-popping dancer distract from the performance or assist? You decide.

It was a very underwhelming thirty minutes, surprisingly so considering the source material that he has to work with.

This game needs to be upped significantly.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.