"You should see the size of the loo roll I'm sat on"

... and I don't know what it is. The Estonian entry has all of the ingredients of a great song. They also have a dress that cost the earth, and clever projections. They're bring opera to the masses. What could possibly go wrong?

Well quite a lot of things if we are being clinical.

Firstly, who is going to actively vote for Popera in a massive dress? The televoters of Europe are going to look at this in the context of everything that went before (and will come after) and think 'erm, no'. The fans, though, will get excited about the projection and the swirls and shit and vote for it. The juries will see a popera song reasonably well-written and performed, but (again) might not actively vote for it ... because there are better songs.

Rehearsal-wise, this time round it is literally just the dress, it's all on the dress.

Will it qualify? - On the bubble, but not sure.

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.