Saara Aalto
I'm fairly sure I've got my market sorted

Saara has made an improvement on the overall performance. She still, though, looks the same as on Tuesday, and starts off strapped to the wheel o' death. Her dancers are no longer dressed as SS officers, they're more like members of Herr Gruber's crew from Allo Allo - which, I suppose casts Saara in the role of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

The Finnish performance has got a lot tighter and it looks less like amateur hour at the Eurovision, and more like a polished show. I know that is what rehearsals are all about and everything, but she needs to remember that she is performing in front of 32 television viewers in a week's time.

It's still not all that, though, and there is still a feeling of "Azerbaijan" about this, with the fire curtain that comes down at the end and her contraption that she stands in front of reminds me of the doors from Stars in Their Eyes but ...

It should now qualify.

Press conference

Image Credits: Thomas Hanes.