Madame Monsieur

A literal fuckton of people in this place have decided that, after the first run-through - this song is the best thing since sliced bread, and that it could, COULD, win the whole thing.

I was also asked if this was the best performance of the day, and I was genuinely struggling to put this into my top three. That's not because it's a bad song (because it really isn't), it just didn't grab me by the throat and say: "vote for me.".

Again, it's a total jury song. They are going to love it - as they get the lyrics in English and in French so they will know what the song means. The stage performance is, in essence, Madame and Monsieur walking to the front of the stage, because you can't do any choreography with this type of song. From a televoter perspective, what do you have? A woman and a man singing "Mercy" or (let's be honest, non French-speakers will think it's merci).

It's a well-crafted song, it has all the required elements, but it feels like it will only connect with the juries, and remain impenetrable for the average viewer.

<whisper>It needs a verse in English </whisper>

Image Credits: Andres Putting.