Madame Monsieur

Et enfin, la France. Thankfully, this is a simple presentation, no attempts to over complicate it. The pair are on stage in black outfits, as they have been at all their performances throughout the build up to the Contest. They move, one across either bridge, and meet on the front catwalk. The distance is further than you might think, and this walk has caught a few artists out, as they don’t quite get there in time.

It’s vocally sound, but is it visually just a little too plain? Will the message get across? There’s plenty of headline fodder for the big guns of Europe’s press if they want to get the message out that way, an approach that worked for Jamala, and this taps even more pertinently into the social discourse of modern Europe, with a controversial topic. A bit of pre-publicity could serve this well and be the one people are looking out for in the night. My first impression, however, is that it doesn’t quite have the va-va-voom to see it over the line.

So, that’s your lot. We’ve now seen all the songs in this year’s Eurovision, so for the first time I can say in confidence that we’ve seen the winner. I’m still none the wiser what it’s going to be …

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.