Destination Eurovision

I know people will think that Albania is the first proper national final, but as that took place in 2017 this - the French selection "Destination Eurovision" -  is the first national final of 2018!

How have we got here?

Over the past couple of weeks, we've had two pre-recorded semi-finals televised all over the place (Tv5 Monde, France 2, The Internet).

Results of Semi Final 1

Results of Semi Final 2

So what happens tonight?

So glad you asked.  Tonight, the eight singers and songs below will compete in a straight sing-off for the right to compete for France.

There will be the usual Gallic filling and shrugging and talking but, ultimately, the French public and a jury of ten internationalists in a 50/50 split will decide the winner.

Clearly, the one with the most points wins!

Song Performer(s)
Eva Lisandro Cuxi
Ciao Malo'
OK ou KO Emmy Liyana
Mamma mia Louka
Mercy Madame Monsieur
Rêve de gamin Nassi
Lisboa Jérusalem Igit
Ailleurs Max Cinnamon


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