Destination Eurovision

After putting myself through just over two and a half hours worth of semi-final one hell  it's that time for us to do it all over again.

If you were asleep - or didn't bother last time - the nine songs shown below will be presented in a pre-recorded show.

The singers get introduced, they sing a cover version, they sing their song, and then the jury (including Amir) say stuff.

After all nine songs, two juries vote - one international one Francophone. For songs make it to the final.

Lisboa JérusalemIgit
Un jour j'ai rêvéJane Constance
SameJune The Girl
My worldLucie Vagenheim
MercyMadame Monsieur
AilleursMax Cinnamon
Rêve de gaminNassi
Tu me manquesSarah Caillibot


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