Georgia is a 100% classier that what I just saw and should piss on Jessica's effort from a great height. There has been zero hype about this song because it's not what "fans" believe Eurovision should be (It's got no glitter).

Iriao have not missed a beat during any rehearsals - they look down the camera and just sing their hymnal. The only bit of "oomph" is the fire curtain at the end, but it just accentuates the kind of song that this is.

It's simple, and it's real music. Where have we heard that before?

Want a reminder about the last Georgian Rehearsal to see what's changed?

Press conference

In their own words: "We dedicate this song to our families, friends, our country, Europe and all the people who believe that the celebration starts when you give something back to somebody. Georgia has a toast that is about this: Happiness starts when you give something to another person. Our song is about asking yourself how you can support and help somebody else."

Image Credits: Andres Putting.