S!sters to sing German Lied für Israel


Laurita Kästel and Carlotta Truman are to sing for Germany at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Together they’re known as S!sters. Their song is (appropriately) called ‘Sister’.

Unser Lied für Israel was a close-run national final. Ally Ryan was the top choice of the 100-strong ‘Eurovision panel’. An international jury favoured Sisters. It was down to the viewers to crown their winner.

The show failed to inspire big ratings. Fewer than three million tuned in, making it the least-watched German national final since 2012.

Fun fact: they’re not sisters.

MakedaThe day I loved you most1010626
Lilly Among CloudsSurprise871025
Aly RyanWear your love126725
Linus BruhnOur city78823
Gregor HägeleLet me go54514
BB ThomazDemons45413

Image Credits: Ard.