AWS on stage at Eurovision 2018 rehearsals

AWSSpoiler alert: I still hate this song.

However, having said that (and I said it on Wednesday as well), this song knows what it is. A glorious shouty rock mess aimed at an existing fan base. There's screaming and running and strobes and more screaming ... and ... you get the picture.

The performance hasn't changed that much, although AWS have polished what needed to change from the first performance. It's visually arresting - which is clearly what they are going for - and it still includes crowd-surfing, which didn't go down well at their first rehearsal.

However, they do seem too "pretty boy" to pull this off properly - they don't look gnarly enough for regular rock/punk people to go "that's it - that's the one". For Eurovision casuals this is three minutes of noise.

Suspect not qualifying.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses, Andres Putting.