A Dal 2018

Another country that is known for its long long national final is Hungary. Over the years, it has given Europe an eclectic mix of good and bad songs - and this year is no exception.

There will be a jury of four, each giving upto 10 points per song and people who have downloaded the a dal app will make up the 5th "jury".

The top five-scoring jury songs will go straight through - with televoting getting a 6th through from each heat.

The nine songs in the first heat (of 3) are as follows.

SatellitesCeasefire X
Kisnyuszi a kalapbanFourtissimo feat. Markanera
Budapest girlViktor Király
Nobody to die forGabi Knoll
Nem szól harangLeander Kills
Kirakat életLivingRoom
Jó szelet!Patikadomb
Zöld a májusZsolt Süle
Ne hagyj reménytTamás Vastag


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