Following in the footsteps of Sylvia Knight and Paul Oskar, RUV are not afraid of controversial acts in their Eurovision Selections. Tonight saw arguably the most controversial yet when Hatari, who can conservatively be described as "out there" took part in the first semifinal under somewhat of a cloud.  This week they came out and said if they won the whole thing, they would only perform as a protest against Israel on stage and that they know they wouldn't be allowed to compete! - begs the question why did they bother entering but hey, the cause is theirs and they have their right to compete.

The Icelandic contest has two semi finals of 5 songs, of which this is the first. The top two through televoting and jury have qualified to the final. What did Iceland do? well....

Hatrið mun sigraHatariQ
Eitt andartakHera Björk ÞórhallsdóttirQ
Ég á mig sjálfKristina Skoubo Bærendsen
Nú og hérÞórdís Imsland
Samt ekkiDaníel Óliver


Image Credits: RUV.