Ari laughs off any suggestion he'll need to stay after Tuesday

Poor young Ari. As we know by now, he's been lumbered with this pile of shite. He's better than this. He has to be because if he's not, then a fledgling career by an affable young man could be snuffed out by the failure that this will become next Tuesday night at around 2030 UK Time.

As I said on Monday, this song is straight out of the 1990's ... and back in 1990, that would not have been a bad thing but the contest has moved on somewhat. There are also camera shots in this where Ari looks unsure. I'm not sure whether it is the song, the staging, the outfit or the whole package, but I suspect Europe will confirm his doubts very quickly.

The performance is very static and isn't helped at all by the Israeli-esque coming together at the end.

Is it qualifying - NO

Is it coming last in this semi - OH YES

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.


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