Hatari bringing something different to Songvakeppnin

Icelandic viewers get to meet the ten acts taking part in the 2019 Songvakeppnin this evening.

As always, acts get to decide whether to sing in English or Icelandic, with most preparing versions in both languages. The songs have leaked early online, and never ones to deny you news, here's the list:

PerfomerIcelandic versionEnglish version
Daniel OliverSamt ekki Licky, licky
Elli Grill, Skaði, GlymurJeijó, keyrum alla leið
Friðrik OmarHvað ef ég get ekki elskað?(What if) I can't have love?
HatariHatrið mun sigra
Heiðrún Anna BjornsdóttirHelgiSunday boy
Hera BjorkEitt andartakMoving on
Ivar Daníelsþú baetir mig Make me whole
Kristina Skoubo BaerendsenEg á mig sjálfMama said
Tara MobeeBetri án þínFighting for love
Thórdís ImslandNú og hérWhat are you waiting for?

Five acts compete in two semifinals (9/16 February) with the final on 2 March. For the first time, a jury has a say in who qualifies from the heats and who makes the final two in the final.