Netta reads unexpected favourable review from Mr Phil

The Israeli team has literally polished a turd. This really was substandard on Monday, and served to confirm all my conscious bias towards 'Toy'. The delegation has gone away and talked. They've moved the focus back on Netta for the first 90 seconds, and instead of being busy (like it was on Monday), it's now more coherent.

Also, unlike Monday, Netta has worked out where the cameras are, and performs to them a lot more (including a really good shot with Netta and the backing singers into the camera), This in turn will connect with the audience at home, which is what the delegation would want.

My issues are still with the first 22 seconds - where Netta records the loop into the box, which won't make sense to most viewers. Netta still flaps her wings at the start, and if she's not careful it will end up being a "WTF" moment. She could come across as an aggressive woman in a Kimono.

It's qualifying but not winning the whole thing.

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.