Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro

I'm doing a double header, which I realise will cause that Phil a headache as it didn't fit the nice neat end of day grid, and I can only use one photo with it. Oh well. I didn’t really see Germany, but it looked quite busy. There are some big projections behind him, some of which seem quite nice but some of which are too much. I think Michael lacks sufficient charisma to carry much impact.

Italy is quite shouty still, with big, prominent overlays translating the lyrics into a variety of European languages. It’s like the days of the Ceefax subtitles only they’ve gone hi-tech and polyglot. The intention is to make the song more penetrable for non-Italian speakers (perhaps a tip garnered from last year’s entry by Franceco Gabbani?) but if anything, they’re too distracting. You sort of half understand what they’re singing about but you're not sure whether or not you care.

The guys do look quite angry, even though this is relatively reigned in. They move to the front of the catwalk for emphasis before the song ends. I’m rather nonplussed by it all. I can't see this picking up a lot of support, which is a shame for a song with such a powerful message at its core.

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.