Meta and Fabrizio

The Italian delegation has committed one of the major cardinal sins of Eurovision staging. They have made "projections" of words a part of the performance. This is never EVER a good idea. Also, personally, it just seems a way out of thinking about any sort of performance beyond walking around.

And Lo, that's exactly what they do at about 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This sounds messy (something the Italian language can do). It looks lazy, and the words on the screen look messy most of the time but occasionally, just occasionally, they work a treat.

All the boys tend to do is to stand still and look down the camera, while they are trying to sell a message that, frankly, real people won't get.

The song is very emotive, and I get the angry looks to camera. I get the emotion, but I think that it is playing to juries by being a well-written song rather than a televoter-friendly one (which this isn't).

Image Credits: Andres Putting.