Sanremo 2018
Italian TV has revealed the songs and acts who will compete to sing for Italy this year at the Sanremo festival. As always, it's a mix of 'big names' and newcomers. The overall winner gets first refusal on a place at the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Big names


  • Mudimbi – Il mago
  • Eva – Cosa ti salverà
  • Mirkoeilcane – Stiamo tutti bene
  • Lorenzo Baglioni – Il congiuntivo
  • Giulia Casieri – Come stai
  • Ultimo – Il ballo delle incertezze
  • Leonardo Monteiro – Bianca
  • Alice Caioli – Specchi rotti

The 2018 festival takes place at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo and from 6-10 February, and this time around are hosted by Claudio Baglioni and Michelle Hunziker.