Laura de Carvalho Rizzotto singing for Latvia via Riga, NewYork and Rio - and she’s looking ravishing in a red flowing gown cut open at the front and hot pants to protect her modesty. She’s alone on stage, with four backing vocalists offstage. 

She’s in fine voice despite some in-ear problems in the first run through that she persisted through. She knows where the cameras are and there are some arty hand movements, hair flicks and playing with the microphone stand in an attempt to add some drama to the performance. I think that’s the problem here, this song is about unrequited love and needs lots of drama to be believable. Laura, despite being a confident and competent performer, isn’t really convincing me. 

Musically, this has done nothing for me these last few months and nothing I’ve seen today is telling me Latvia will make the final. I just can’t see where the votes are going to come from, sorry Latvia, America ... and Brazil, if you’re watching! 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.