Every time I hear this, I get excited because I keep expecting that the song itself is going to be a sultry number, which would be perfect for a slow dance (ice dance short programme, in my head).

However, the reality is that Laura is trying to emote a weak song to an audience that will have just had their ears blown off by AWS.

She's on stage in a long red dress, which looks like a negligee and the camera shots are trying to help by being fast and cutting, but you juxtapose that with when the "boom, boom" comes in and overall, it's just not strong enough to do anything. It doesn't pull at the heart strings. There is no depth to the performance, and Laura doesn't looked "wronged" enough in the same way that, say, Elina Bourne looked like she was going to beat up Stig at every opportunity.

Overall, it's a nice girl in her nighty saying she's been hurt but, ya know what I think? If you sang like this, you deserved it love.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.


  1. Phil is hilarious, and I’m loving his blog. Elina Bourne level of “wronged” look is brilliant! Keep up the good work!

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