Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents

Well we didn't actually make it back yesterday afternoon as we were too busy sunbathing on the balcony of our new apartment and drinking beer before going out for yet another gargantuan meal. Phil and Nick had huge slabs of meat with toppings that completely defeated them whilst Roy had lots of garlic mushrooms heaped on a plate and was still hungry after. I had the "mixed meat" which was enormous and I can't absolutely lay claim to knowing exactly what each meat on the plate was. It was delicious though and I'm not the slightest bit put off by the pictures of the various wild animals and road kill on the menu.....Our apartment has interesting plumbing, but the landlord is friendly and clearly wants us to go away having had a good time. The view is ace too and would be even better if some of the locals would agree to have their tower blocks razed so we can see the whole vista from our balcony. A small sacrifice for our greater comfort I feel and being Eastern European, they'd probably do it too if we asked them! We are however back and better than ever.... well back anyway.


I've found myself going Garrrrggghhh as I walk down the street lately and laughing to myself maniacally which is a worrying trend. Yes I have quite clearly spent too much time in the city of Belgravia in the land of Eurovisionia and have regretfully decided to come out of the closet and declare that I now LIKE the Latvian entry. Yes you did read that correctly. I who ranked this at 42 out of 43 songs just a few short days ago now see the light and love the camp pirateness of it and want to become a "Pirate of the Sea" Unfortunately they made a right hash of it and it looks awful on stage. Perhaps will improve when they have the full live show, but the vocals were dreadful and they didn't really inject very much life into it. Game over I think and back to position 42.


In an Olsens sort of way, I think I have just seen the winner. This has the beat and tempo of "Those Were The Days" and definitely comes from Eastern Europe. A childhood wasted listening to Cossack music at my dad's bidding suddenly gets remembered. They have a charm about them that no one else I've seen so far has and they are really going to win over the crowd. If you don't like this I suggest you hibernate now and come back out on May 25th when it's all over. If you do like it, start booking your ticket for Zagreb May 2009 now!

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