Here are the final six Lithuanian qualifiers from their months long selection process.  Another six songs went through by a 50-50 combo of Televote and Jury.

Spare a thought for Gabrielė Rybko. After her toyshop-owning dear dad went on Facebook to offer discounted toys and slides to anyone who voted for her, LRT made her perform, but announced no-one could vote for her. She still didn't come last.

Scars Are BeautifulValerija Iljinaitė21310
Bad OptionIndrė Juodeikienė12311
Your CureAlen Chicco48126Q
RunawayQueens of Roses74117
Learn from Your LoveŽivilė Gedvilaitė75125Q
Never Enough (Of Your Love)Elizabeth Olshey0668
Lay It DownGabrielė Rybko3039
Laiko mašinaSaulės Kliošas103134Q
Song of My LifeSoliaris78153Q
Light OnMonika Marija1212241Q
NeverpartHenry & Tommy Modric810182Q


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