You might well have to rely on others for many differing views today and our good friends at Eurovision Ireland are currently in crisis management mode, so its all hands to the pump!!

Lithuania, however, are looking… cute and that's not a bad thing in this contest. Coming on first though is a little bit of a problem for them. In this semi final, with so many decent songs at the back end, it may be forgotten by the televoters but it won’t be for the want of trying.

They both sing down the pipes, which is always a good thing but I do have a sneaky feeling this is fighting for 8-9-10-11-12

As is Ireland, sadly. #lovelymolly doesn’t engage with me until the very end, which is a shame as the song is deep enough and written well enough to be a stand out song in this semi final, albeit it at the lower end of the results.

It’s beautifully staged and feels intimate and you can see on the stage that Molly clearly believes the song (speaking to her on the Love Boat on Wednesday, after a couple of waters, she is deeply connected with the lyric, something that others in this contest could take note of).

She has been told to look at the camera and FINALLY engages on the last of her run throughs ... Still fighting for 8-12 but it’s a cracker.