The things you do to lend your wife a hand at work

Ieva and her delegation need to be applauded. They seem to have either read what most people have written, or have noticed that the projections were just too much in the forefront and have toned them down (and cut them out quicker), which is excellent.

It looks and sounds - as they say - on point, and is beautifully staged. Ieva does a cracking job of underselling this song by building to when she walks over a rainbow bridge to her husband (her actual husband, mind) ... and you feel that you totally believe her and buy into the concept of someone passing over and gathering memories along the way.

In this semi-final, it is the come down before the mental batshit that is Israel. It's Salvador for the 2018 contest, only lighter ... but if it gets to the final, it will connect with the audience and could do big business.

Will it qualify? - YES

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.