Eye Cue
"Do my boobs look big in this?"

Well, I believe we told the delegation on Tuesday that the dress that revealed a bit too much was somewhat revealing ... and we were assured that Marija had seen the rehearsal footage, realised it was indeed unflattering, and that she would get this sorted.

So, by the time that 4pm rolled around, we were expecting something more demure. What we got, however, was the same top half - that gets whipped off partway through the song. The 'under top' can only be described as a sartorial faux-pas of the highest order. I'll try though ... skimpy and designed to extenuate her breasts with pink highlights, rather than make her look better. Now imagine all of that coupled with cropped shorts.

It's the total opposite of what they should have gone for and, frankly, just makes her look classless on stage.

The song itself is still clunky, with the same distracting graphics that were there on Tuesday, although there is a clever little effect in the first ten seconds.

I said this was borderline back then. This is now failing.

Press conference

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.