Macedonia & Switzerland. I’m flagging.

Macedonia’s presentation is unexpected. Tijana is in a black suit with white trim and the whole staging is very 80s black and white and neon. A dancer in white contrasts with her and white stripes and swirls swoop across the spectacular floor. It stands out but I’m not convinced it’s for the right reasons. It sounds great, and it’s a good lively song, but it’s also a bit forgettable sadly. I’d say this is borderline qualification at the moment, and that could be quite a crowded zone to be in in this semi final.

There’s not really much I can add about Switzerland. They stand there and sing it. And whistle it too. Sebalter’s diction isn’t really that much improved and this detracts from the song I feel. Also a borderline qualifier, on the basis of his charm alone.

We’re on a break now. There’s still no beer though.

Monty x


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