I've not been a fan of this since it was selected and there's not much in rehearsal to change my mind. There's a nice shot from above where the stage comes alive in a blaze of Celtic colour and Kasey is picked out by a spotlight but that's the only improvement. The rest is all very disappointing with bad camera shots aplenty, lack of cohesion and poor utilisation of the stage. Saying that her vocal was solid though she doesn't look like she's having much fun.


I'm a little underwhelmed by TEO's rehearsal. The staging is far too dark which means the cute side shimmy he does and the backing dancers jerky movement in towards him isn't picked out well enough. He's lost a little of his charm and charisma for me though there's a lovely bit where he pretends to flick dandruff off his suit, or perhaps a speck of dust. Borderline now for me.


Very interesting indeed. All black and white and modern. Clever use of the backdrop if not a tad busy. There is clever interaction with the backing dancer in a white hoodie under a mock spotlight and Tijana kind of conducts him in one part. There's also a nice bit on the break where they all line up with the diagonal lines on the backdrop in time. She's in fine voice but I'm still unsure how this will fare and we've lost a little of her quirkiness which is a shame. Still there's nothing like this in this semi and I think the song deserves a shot at the Saturday night.


Ok I'm biased totally as I'm smitten for Sebastiano. He's not got the strongest song but by golly he sure has learned how to sell it hasn't he? He's smiling so much and oozing charm, he's infectious! After the coolness and slickness of Macedonia, the more rustic and fiddle based sound sits well. The Swiss delegation have chosen the backdrop wisely, drops of golden rain and then golden drops of water bouncing up in time with his drum banging. He will enjoy himself on the night fiddling his way down the catwalk and so will anyone lucky enough to be in touching distance on Tuesday night. Damn why am I in the seating area? I pray this qualifies. I've a sneaky feeling it might.


  1. Tuesday night for Switzerland?have they changed their semi?
    Needless to say it will be on Thursday night

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