25 January – The grass is always greener

You’re old. Yes, you are. If we’re old, then you must be. We only say this because you’ll know you are when you see how old today’s birthday girl is.

Our friends in Malta would love to win our favourite TV show. And many of us would love them to win too. Their most recent entrant that actually sang on the hallowed stage is today’s birthday girl Michela Pace. Her act was definitely noteworthy for the special effects used, and if you don’t recall it, then watch the link. She had a great team behind her, and some of them will no doubt be back in future years. As for Michela’s time in Tel Aviv, well she easily made the final and then got drawn first in the Grand Final. No matter, she got there. And she made sure the Mediterranean’s happiest rock stayed happy.

Michela is 20 today.

Happy birthday, Michela!

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