Yay! It's the Moldovans!

They've finally turned up, and they're shite hot white hot stuff!

Lots of folk punk leaping about, and a little old lady in a rocking chair pounding away on a drum. The bets thing ever to grace a Eurovision stage indeed, so I urge you all to get on the phones and vote for this next Thursday and get this bugger in the final, cos it's going to pwn big time.

Sorry, over excited there.

Was out on the town down this swanky night club owned by boxing's Klitchko brothers last night, and the surprising party animal of the whole affair was the little speccy ginger who sings for the Irish. He's only a tiny bit of 17 year old pink gristle, but he was like a kid who got the keys to a cake shop. We caught him bogling with all the obscure European backing singers, on the piss on the quiet when his big sister wasn't looking, and when his face came up on the big screen he was marching about going "that's me, I'm famous!!!" All of this will be funnier when you actually see the fella. I really ought to hate him, but I just can't. You will guffaw, I tell you!

Moldova's press conference is about to start, so more news as and when,