I'm sat in a press room at 15:30 (ish) on a Wednesday afternoon, and I know I've been here for quite a long time, but the only thing that is holding my interest at the moment was this!

This, dear reader, was Montenegro's attempt to sing a generic "Balkan Ballad" at people.

It would help, though, if the lead singer actually looked at the camera with the red light on, because during all three run-throughs he seemed to have missed that. He was also wearing a suit jacket that looked like he'd buttoned it up the wrong way, and his generic backing singer women were doing what generic Balkan women backing singers do. They just wafted about on stage and did very little.

There was too much bright light on the stage, and with white dresses and bright blue suits it could have done with the contrast turning down a bit.  I'm not sure how this will do, but I suspect it's not qualifying.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.