Netherlands, The – The cheap version of Ovi and thing….

Common Linnets

It’s Paula and Ovi on the cheap!! – Instead of having pianos and fire they have…. guitars and no seats!! – Again, recession bites in Netherlands, The and their staging is…. simple…..

…. and yet scarily effective.  They have done a decent job on the whole Americana thing, not so it is in your face, but just enough that it gives you a smile on your face.   All they do is literally stand opposite each other and sing the song (With a double ended microphone MATRON) – and that, it can be argued, is ultimately all you need to do.   No overblown choreography, No Pyro, nothing like that, It’s a simple song which, when done and said all, is not that bad, sung well *at* each other and not at the audience.

Simple is often what is needed in this contest.  Portugal and Moldova and San Marino are the madness, this is – quite literally as it turns out – the calm after the storm!! (See what I did there?).




  1. Genius, but you said it!

    what we need is a back to basics, not smart price, but smart sell. Its sold, dark horse contender? woe horsey.

    good on NOS/TROS! this style of format does seem to work for The Netherlands. Other broadcasters should note, if for the last 100 years of the war, the same shit offense isn’t working, maybe you should try something different. exploding pianos are so 2009 though!

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