There was something distinctly Nordic in the air tonight with Sweden, Iceland and Finland picking their songs. Norway added to things when Keiino were declared the winner of the 2019 Melodi Grand Prix.

Ten songs competed beamed live from the Oslo Spektrum, hosted by Heidi Ruud Ellingsen and Kåre Magnus Bergh.

Viewers and ten international jury groups got to vote with their points split 50/50. Four songs went through to a 'gold final'. They were split into pairs to go head to head in a nod to their neighbours Sweden, clealy. Viewers alone decided who would then go into the 'gold duel' and, if you were still awake, the winner of that won the ticket!

ArtistSong (English translation)Gold FinalGold Dual
Chris MedinaWe try----
D'SoundMr Unicorn11,123--
MørlandEn livredd mann (A terrified man)----
Anna-Lisa KumojiHolla6,718--
Erlend BratlandSing for you----
Ingrid Berg MehusFeel----
Hank von HellFake It----
Carina DahlHold me down----
Adrian JørgensenThe bubble55,794162,608
KEiiNOSpirit in the sky98,324231,937

The show over ran (as did most things this evening) but it was worth it just to see Tor Endressen and Bobbysox in the two intervals.

Image Credits: Nrk.