Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Apologies for my infrequent posts.  I can only blame my current employer and the lack of bodies we have here in the Baku beyond.  But here I am again.  Please don't turn off, I love Eurovision too.

Last time we spoke I think Turkey was rehearsing.  He does his typical Turkish schtick, shimmying around the stage and presumably his stage show will have some nautical flavour to it next week.

Estonia is class with a capital CLASS.  Did I mention it was really classy?  Did I mention that I may really like this song.  I was almost in tears.  It HAS to get through the Thursday night bunfight and I think it definitely will.

This little black duck also likes Slovakia.  I like it's contrast, its boldness and its vivacity (see,  can use posh words).  It's doesn't stand a chance of getting past this stage.  Pulls sad face.  Bratislava 2014 anyone?

What has Norway done?  Got camper than a row of pink tents appears to be the answer.  A camp hoody is an interesting concept especially when he tries to stare you out.  I don't think it's going to work when we see what comes later...

Bosnia is safe.  Nice and safe.  A bit like the scaffolding holding the columns and arches behind Maya.  She's alone save for a flautist (we think).  we only think because for part of the rehearsal  stage hand was sat on a chair on one of the stage's 'islands' holding a banana.  It's nice they can be so inventive when the real prop isn't available.

Finally we have George Michael with his little trick of splicing two songs together.  I'm sure there are better songs to splice together.  'Firestarter' by the Prodigy and 'Seven Tears' by the Goombay Dance Band perhaps?  I must give that a go.  But joking aside, I think Lithuania could be a qualifier.  In a straight (ahem) fight between Tooji and Donny Montell, I think Mr Montell would win.

More shortly.

R x