Poland – Absolutely BRILLIANT

Donatan & Cleo

There are 106 men on the jury this year – and when this gets through to the final, which is surely must with the performance and staging, it’s gonna tick all their boxes. This…is…brillant. Make no mistake that there will be guffaws of laughter from the non-Eurovisionists, because they’ll just see tits and arse and this will be on clip shows for years to come…. and that’s why it’s good. Cleo performs this to the hilt and with all of the elements that are in the preview video transplanted to the huge stage and the camera shots show off everything and TVP Knew that this would happen and that’s why it’s not a joke entry, it’s just fun.

For people that have a half interest in this contest this is pure fun with several million youtube hits that has gone viral around Europe and the world. It’s a well known song, transplanted into this mentalness, which should get the casual viewer watching because of the water cooler moments from the Thursday Night Semi Final.

Qualifying? – HELL YES


  1. I don’t know, just watching it once people will be split doon tha middle! It is hit and miss. I’m afraid I did like Bosnian laundry way back when -and that was fun!

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