Someone needs to mention the dress code

It’s our first look at Portugal and the Big 5 now. The first ever Portuguese entry on home soil. How long we’ve waited for this! It’s a tearjerker, a song of love for a deceased partner, lover, friend, family member – the appeal is universal.

It’s very simply presented, Claudia alone in a long, sheer, cream shift, her pink hair standing out. Out of the shadows Isaura appears as a dark contrast. They’re meant to be in stage outfits, but she’s sporting a Nirvana t-shirt which I presume she won’t be in next Saturday.

If you enjoy this song for what it is you’ll be happy with this, and if you don’t it’s done nothing to improve that for you. I do like it but were it not automatically through I have to question whether it would get to Saturday on its own merits.

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.