Festival da Canção 2019

RTP has released final details of the 2019 Festival da Canção - the competition that will select a song to represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

There are to be two semi-finals (16 and 23 February). In each heat eight songs compete for four places in the March 2 Grand Final. Sónia Araújo and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira will present the first heat. Jorge Gabriel and José Carlos Malato will take control of the second. Throughout here will be japes a-plenty from the Green Room with Inês Lopes Gonçalves.

Everything happens in Lisbon at the Mercado da Ribeira – Time Out Market. And if you fancy hearing what's on offer scroll down.

Here's the line-up for the first semi-final:

  1. Calema – A Dois
  2. Conan Osíris – Telemóveis
  3. Ana Cláudia – Inércia
  4. João Campos – É O Que É
  5. Filipe Keil – Hoje
  6. Ela Limão – Mais Brilhante Que Mil Sóis
  7. Soraia Tavares – O Meu Sonho
  8. Matay – Perfeito

The second semi-final looks like this

  1. Lara Laquiz – O Lugar
  2. Madrepaz – Mundo A Mudar
  3. Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce
  4. Dan Riverman – Lava
  5. NBC – Igual A Ti
  6. Mila Dores – Debaixo Do Luar
  7. Marlon – O Jantar
  8. Surma – Pugna

Image Credits: RTP.