With time running out, tensions were showing in the Romanian team

I wasn’t watching during the first run of Romania’s second rehearsal I’m afraid. I’m too busy being pleased about my lunch. Now that I’ve tuned in, I’m veering on it being on the busy side. I missed that the first shot is of the cellist, taking off one of the white masks some of the band and the mannequins are wearing and strolling across the stage as the camera moves to Cristina and her band mates. I think there’s a little too much going on in this that it begins to make you suspicious of what they’re trying to distract you from.

Some of the movements are decidedly clunky still, so I feel this might be as good as this is going to get, and it’s not really good enough. It is though in this strange semi final where nothing can really be ruled out because there just aren’t 10 good enough songs to fill up the available envelopes.

Monty x

Press conference


Image Credits: Andres Putting.