Romanian finalists

Tonight, TVR (Romanian Television) had the first semifinal of their selection show, Selecţia naţională.

Eleven songs participated in this, the smaller of the two semi finals (I think this was the one M I H A I was supposed to be in before he chickened out and moved his song somewhere else where he was more likely to win). It took place in Lasi (come home?), which is Romania's second largest city so my research tells me. From the perfect TVR web-stream, they held it in a smallish arena, the Sala Polivalenta, but the production values were top!

In the table below the five singers that qualified by jury votes are shown with a Q. The tele-voting qualifier is shown with a q. Strikes me they have that balance incorrect, but who am I to argue?

The call: dynasty of loveBerniceya
Rock this wayOmmieh x Anakrisez
SkyscraperTeodora DinuQ
Without you (sin ti)Dya & Lucian ColarezaQ
Weight of the worldNicola
The way it goesSteam
We are the oneClaudiu MireaQ
Song of my heartThe Four
Army of loveBella SantiagoQ