Jesskika and Me Jenny B
Nobody mentioned how see-through the dress could get under lights

So, I walked through the door - sat down in my appointed spot, just in time for San Marino to come on stage and knew I was home.

Justice for The robots are now not on plinths, but on upturned half diablo type devices and they have all three of the robots working. In a further twist of batshitness, 1 in 360 asked people what the love robot should have on her sign and the winner is ...

"Justice for Valentina"

Cue an eruption in the press centre. They know don't they?!

Back to the performance though, Jessika and Jenny look somewhat less animated than their robot counterparts and it's very stiff and static. Jessika looks angry, and Jenny looks fierce ... and it doesn't look right on stage. Vocally though, it has improved since Tuesday, but still needs open heart surgery in order for this to do anything.

Delaney thinks this is qualifying - and he said it with a straight face!

Press conference

Image Credits: Andres Putting.