So ... I popped out to relieve myself, and got caught in a gaggle of press and fans surrounding Eleni Foureira, and then another gaggle of Portuguese and Brazilian fans being interviewed for RTP. I tried to muscle in, but it turned out they need native speakers not people who 'pretend' and so, I drowned my sorrows with a refreshing Superbock - which have mysteriously reappeared, ssshh, don’t tell anyone. 

So ... Slovenia from the last run-through I caught are doing a pretty fine job with this. I really don’t like the song and really think it struggles to fill the three minutes but the routine is actually pretty slick here and Lea’s voice is strong. They’ve hit the ‘Barei-esque, let’s pretend something has gone wrong’ button, which is probably a little desperate but when you’ve an insubstantial song you need to do something to distract the audience. 

I’m sorry I didn’t pay more attention to the outfits and other staging details but you’ll get that from the boss and I really was in need of a beer! I think Slovenia is going to struggle to qualify here as, musically, it’s just not strong enough and won’t connect with the jurors and just a few of the televoters. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.