Amaia y Alfred

Spain, and if the amount of social media attention is anything to go by then this would be the winner by a mile. The Spanish fans – always hugely passionate about their entries – have embraced this like seldom before. Have they played up its chances too much? The fall following excessive pride can be monumental, and Spain has had to endure a mixed bag of results. Plus, there’s a lot that could go wrong with this …

The pianos and guitars have gone. It’s all focus on Alfred and Amaia, who pull one of the oldest Eurovision tricks in the book – standing apart from one another and getting closer as they sing. There is potential to overcook this, but they’re going for simplicity. He’s in a burgundy suit, she a classy frock, and the first minute or so holds a single camera shot that pans in, on then around them.

For all it's saccharine ingredients, I adore this song, even though I should hate it based on it's make-up. They manage to get just the right amount of sweet tenderness. At least they don't look like they’re about to jump each other given a slice of a chance.

Alfred though is the weakest link here, vocally, and the big crescendo isn’t quite packing the punch it should.

It has felt that anything, but a win will be a disappointment to the hoards of Spaniards we hear are descending on Lisbon next weekend (20,000 rumoured!). There might be a riot in the Bairro Alto if they don’t win, but by gosh the party if they did would be immense!

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.


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