Amaia y Alfred

Is it wrong that we found this more exciting? No, seriously, I found this funnier, more entertaining and more realistic than the absolute shite-fest that I have been subjected to on the Press centre television.

It is supposed to be a yearning love song between Amaia and Alfred, which should come across well on stage. They should sing to each other and make everyone go awwww. It just ends up being sickly sweet and (as someone else on this table said) repulsive.

It looks wrong, Alfred isn't the gallant gentleman that he should be. He just looks like an awkward teenage boy who has his got his first girlfriend. Amaia looks like a clueless child bride waiting to be taken away and coveted in a slightly awkward fashion.

Its a gazillion shades of wrong, and as James from Eurovision Ireland said: "It's sweeter than kittens being drowned in treacle".

He's not wrong!

Please note - OnEurope does NOT condone drowning of any felines in any treacle - we do, however, condone the mercy killing of this song - we do it for you!

Image Credits: Andres Putting.