Benjamin is in a black shiny leather jacket and charcoal grey slacks that are fairly snug around the ‘rumpa’ with white trainers. Has he run some peroxide through his hair? He looks a bit more blond. The light tube prop looks great as expected on the screen and they’ve played around with the colours, they seem to be more defined and clearer this time. 

His choreography is pretty much the Melodifestivalen performance and he looks comfortable in the first run throughs. The backing vocals are making this sound much more complete and richer with more depth. There’s not much more to say with this, it’s Sweden doing what Sweden does and bringing the national final performance and tweaking it stronger for Eurovision. I had previously thought it qualifying and top ten but perhaps I’ll need to tweak myself too, up to a top five! This is ANOTHER strong and solid Swedish effort. Could we be seeing an all Scandinavian top two? Steady on Rosé, steady on.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.