Sweden at Eurovision

As national finals go, the Swedish Melodifestivalen tend to be seen as leaders of the pack. As a country, they've not done badly at Eurovision. One more win and they equal one-time greats Ireland at the top; of the league table.

Today broadcaster SVT named dates and venues for the 2019 season. The format is much as before. Four semi-finals, each with two songs making the grand final and two making a sing-off. The grand final features the eight direct qualifiers and two songs given a 'second chance' from the sing-off.

Semi-Final 1: February 2nd, Göteborg (Scandinavium)
Semi-Final 2: February 9th, Malmö (Malmö Arena)
Semi-Fina 3: February 16th, Leksand (Tegera Arena)
Semi-Final 4: February 23th, Lidköping (Sparbanken Arena)
Second Chance: March 2rd, Nyköping (Nyköpings Arenor Rosvalla)
Final: March 9th, Stockholm (Friends Arena)

The tickets for all six shows go on sale on October 31.

One act has already won a place in the 2019 heats. SVT picked The Lovers of Valdaro from acts that took part in a talent show called P4 Nästa.


  1. Have Sweden gone back to eight songs per semi final? For the last few years they’ve had seven, making a total of twenty-eight entries.

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